Sunday, May 30, 2010

Just Because...

So my friend recently rescued a 5 year old lab and I thought to show her how happy I was I would make her a card!

I used the Doodle Charm Cartridge for this card...
Lastly, I made a card for another friend that was having a rough week and thought that a simple "girly" card would make her smile and it did!!

Memorial Day and Fathers day card Ideas

So I got the Stand and Salute cartridge with my Cricut and this is the first time I have a reason to break it out and get crafty!

This is a card that I made for my mom to give to the local Vetrans home. I hope they enjoy it! I look forward to making more for July 4th! I now have time to brainstorm more ideas!

So I know Fathers day is right around the corner so here is a sample Fathers day card. I will add more later once I have made some more so keep looking back!

I'm really looking forward to getting stamps. Even though I like to free hand the writing I think stamping would make the cards look more crisp and clean

As time goes by...

So since I got my Cricut I have made roughly a card a month now its like a card a day! I find every reason to get my Cricut out and I have bought so much other crafty accessories to use with my cards.

Let me know what you think!

This was a bridal shower card that I made I am a big fan of using graphic card stock and colors together. Shadowing is a lot of fun too!
This is the inside of the card.. I had some quotable vellum that I put in the heart I LOVE the ribbon too I feel that it gave a little more to the card!

A simple birthday card!
A graduation card, I used the locker talk cartridge for this card. What I like the most is that I can interchange colors to match school colors. This one is for my sister who will be graduating high school in June

Getting Started

Its been about 6 months since I got my Cricut and I am totally hooked! When i first started I had 2 cartridges and regular paper. I didn't know the difference between paper and card-stock but I soon learned!

Some things I learned quickly that I think will help any early crafter are:

Start Simple. Its easier to add more later then to take things away
Research. I found myself more confident in my work once I did some research on what to use.
Have FUN! Its all about having fun if your not having fun then it wont reflect in your work

Well I guess that is it for my first blog and here are some of my first cards let me know what you think!

This is the inside of the baby shower card that I made (50 of them!)

I cut out the rattle and the stroller using the Stamping Solutions cartridge. It was a lot of work but the cards came out amazing and everyone loved them!

This is the front of the card the "oh baby" came from the Stamping Solutions Cartridge and the baby head came from the Doodle Charm Cartridge.

I bought some decorative scissors to cut the waves out of the blue paper too. I was really excited on how these came out especially for being my first project

The only this I wish was not to have been so over ambitious.